Comprehensive and proven

Our consulting, training and coaching is proven to lead to sustainable growth and value creation.

"Stop learning and you grow old, whether at eight or eighty. Keep learning and you'll stay young. Life's greatest thing is a fresh mind."

(Henry Ford)


You want to grow your business and are looking for the right strategy. Your strategy needs to be be engaging and flexible at the same time. Every business area and every management level must recognize and realize its strategic responsibility independently.

We support your strategic development with clear steps. You receive a customized toolbox of knowledge and strategies which you can apply across all business functions and management levels within your organization. This ensures that everyone, at every level is engaged with the big picture.

Build a strategy that delights your customers and your employees. Create a solid base for future company growth.


You’re responsible for the leadership of your organization and want to further develop your management skills. Your colleagues want to build knowledge and capabilities in leadership. You want to focus overcoming clearly defined challenges presented by supervisors, co-workers and colleagues.

Leadership is the core of management. Leadership is both relationship building and a question of attitude - towards yourself, your colleagues and your clients. We support you in expanding your repertoire of leadership skills. We give you the space to try alternative approaches and apply these successfully within your leadership role.

Live leadership and contribute to growth and value creation within your organization!


Are big changes imminent? Maybe the small changes are the hardest? Not all employees are happy about change, whether it’s company wide or role specific. Whatever your challenge, BBI can help you win their support.

We believe in the willingness of people and organizations to contribute to change that creates growth and delivers value. Change Management means the willingness of the management to support thoses changes from the beginning to the end.

We accompany you to integrate change management into your everyday leadership. All employees will then have a positive attitude towards the change.


Get the impression that at the moment, nothing is working as it should? Feeling stressed out? Finding it hard to say “no”? Colleagues and co-workers don’t share your willingness to collaborate the way you would like? And even when you leave the office, the problems continue?

The secret to a low stress, enjoyable atmosphere both at work and at home is communication.

Learn to express your expectations in a constructive manner and communicate in a way that emphasizes value. Create a pleasant atmosphere.


Anywhere products and services are sold you will encounter complaints. If you are lucky your clients will express those complaints. They could just as easily do business elsewhere.

Complaints are your chance to establish a lasting relationship with your customers. If you meet them at their level, and if you act professionally to solve their complaint you can turn an unhappy customer into someone who remains loyal to your company for many years.

Learn the four steps of value-added communication and experience a win-win for both you and your clients.


Wherever people come together sooner or later conflicts will arise. Different opinions, beliefs and values provoke conflicts. In the worst case this can even lead to burn-outs, resignations or legal action.

By communicating in a way that comes from appreciation of all parties involved, the veil of silence can be lifted and the rupture of the relationship between co-workers or management can be mended. Employees’ productivity increases and serious consequences for the organization are avoided.

Learn how to help employees enjoy their work again. Learn how to solve conflicts in a constructive way and to develop empathy for yourself and others.