Management Consulting and Training for Growth and Value Creation

You’re looking for sustainable success. You have core competences. So do we. We provide support with strategy, leadership and change management. We help you with complaint and conflict management. We work together to design value-added communications. We help you develop effective relationships with your clients, employees and stake-holders.


Leadership means relationship building. Expand your behavioral repertoire and build new leadership competences, experiment with alternatives and apply these to your daily work.


Learn to express your expectations in a constructive way and to communicate with value built in. Create an atmosphere that is both fair and fun for employees and customers alike.


A complaint is your chance to build a lasting customer relationship. Learn how to convert a complaint into a win-win situation for you and your clients.


Conflicts arise wherever people work or live together. Learn how to solve conflicts in a constructive way and to develop empathy in yourself and others.

Intelligent solutions that lead to value creation for your organization and your clients.

Bavarian Business Institute helps you and your team overcome the challenges that are currently holding you back.



Why work with us?

I draw on decades of consulting experience within a variety of different industries industries to show you innovative approaches to overcoming your challenges.

I work on-site with you when putting knowledge into practice, providing a personal level of support that ensures your success.



Your bridge to growth and value creation

BBI offers innovative real-world solutions to leadership and communication challenges.

I understand that a large number of organizational problems can be overcome through effective communication; I help you put the theory into practice.


  • "I liked a lot the seminar value-added / non-violent communication with Britta Weber. It took place in a very relaxed atmosphere , due to her open nature Ms. Weber it was easy for the participants to cooperate intensely , which had a positive impact on the role plays. The seminar has been very beneficial for me, because I can apply this kind of communication when talking to both customers and employees as well as in the private discussions. The follow-up seminar to deepen my knowledge, I will definitely attend."
    Marion NeumannHUK Coburg, Customer Service Office
  • "I was one of the first participants to enjoy a basic course for non-violent communication with Britta Weber. In my profession, I have dealt for a long time with communication psychology but the concept of non-violent communication, it simply sums it up. Within only three days, Ms. Weber taught us so much that we now consider tricky business and personal situations with different eyes - and that we now dissolve with significantly less conflict! What I particularly liked about the course was the fact that Ms.Weber did not strictly proceed according to the book, but reacted very flexible when necessary, for example, when an acutely stressful situation came up that a participant had brought with him. The group could directly work out the optimal solution according to non-violent communication and the person reported at the next meeting, how the strategy had proven its worth. Brilliant! I can only recommend everyone to learn non-violent communication with Britta Weber. It changes so much for the better!"
    Lilian KuraTextUp
  • "The seminar "Value-added communication" with Britta Weber was for me - even after one year of basic training in „non-violent communication" - life-enhancing and deepening. Ms. Weber knew outstandingly how to address participants with basic knowledge as well as those with previous knowledge equally and make it an informative and entertaining day with successful and varied exercises. Although I have taken part as a private person I can imagine at the same time as personnel manager to engage her for trainings and individual coachings in my company."
    Dunya VenceHead of Human Resources, DNV GL
  • "I want to thank Britta sincerely for the great coaching. Even a whole day afterwards I had the feeling as if my soul was purified. My anger and bitterness were gone completely."
    Johanna Ribow-HonhaiserPrivate

What makes me different?


My consulting and training services are customized to your needs. After a detailed analysis I create a plan that is fully adapted to you and your requirements.


Relationships are the core value. My personal approach focuses on building partnerships and recognizes it’s who you are, not what you do that’s most important.


With my practical methodology you will be able to apply your newly gained know-how immediately. I can also provide on-site support and mentorship when required.